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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Players Online: 96

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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer

    Below you can find "helpful" reviews from verified owners of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - provided by Steam. You can provide a review for this game on Steam, and it may be added here automatically after a short time.

    June 24, 2016, 8:16 pm
    This game polarizes opinion like few others. Personally, I loved it. For me, some of the highlights were the below:
    • Excellent single player campaign - the pacing is masterful, the story suspenseful, and the presence of Kevin Spacey is brilliant.
    • Genuinely new multiplayer experience for the Call of Duty franchise - a radical departure from what came before. Some hated it, some loved it. I enjoyed the fast paced nature of matches, and the guns.
    • Sound design - a strength of this game; each gun feels and looks unique.
    Yes, there were some bad things introduced by Advanced Warfare. The laser was utterly broken on PC, and the "pay to win" nature of supply drops set a bad precedent, which Black Ops 3 followed. I still feel, however, that the speed and fluidity of the gameplay was fantastic - it was sad to see Black Ops 3 regress from this (in my opinion).

    While not many people agree about this game - I recommend it if you're looking for something different. However, if multiplayer is your primary interest, don't bother: you won't find many matches.
    RZR1988 review of
    20.3 Hours Played ‐ 545 products in account
    June 5, 2016, 8:16 pm
    You know, I really don't care for multiplayer games, so it should come as no suprise that I really like CoD:AW.
    The graphics are great, story is not bad at all, and Kevin Spacey looks and talks like Kevin Spacey. It was very much like being in a big budget action movie, which is what I go for. So if you don't give 2 snits about MP, this is a great title.
    Still too expensive though, all CoD titles think that their code is made of gold, but I got a deal, so it's all good.
    Thunder-Boom review of
    Thunder-Boom (View Profile)
    14.0 Hours Played ‐ 314 products in account

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    Developer: Sledgehammer Games, Raven Software
    Publisher: Activision
    Released: November 3, 2014
    Age Requirement:17 +

    About Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Gold Edition Now AvaillableThe Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Gold Edition includes the full game plus Havoc, the first DLC Pack for Advanced Warfare. Havoc features the all-new Exo Zombies co-op experience, four epic multiplayer maps tailor-made to unleash your exoskeleton’s power, and the versatile AE4 directed energy assault rifle and its custom variant, the Widowmaker. All for one great low price.New DLC Available Brace yourself for Reckoning, the final downloadable content pack for Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare: Ship-fired missile strikes, plasma lamp explosions and crumbling glaciers dial up the excitement in four new MP maps. The Exo Grapple Playlist delivers more carnage and more fast-paced MP combat than ever before.

    The culmination of the Exo Zombies saga: Descent delivers an all-new map, fused zombie enemies and the Trident Reflected Energy Weapon. Discover the true cause of the global pandemic and the terrible secret that Atlas has been hiding. New DLC Available Ohm Weapon Pack The Ohm Weapon Pack features the Ohm directed energy two-in-one LMG/Shotgun and its Werewolf Custom Variant. Adjust the weapon on the fly to fit your strategy. Unleash a barrage of directed energy fire from a distance in LMG mode or get up close and personal in shotgun mode and deliver a concentrated blast.

    Aces Personalization Pack Keep something up your sleeve with the Aces Personalization Pack. Raise the stakes with a card-studded weapon camo, three high suit reticles, a calling card, and an emblem item. Disco Personalization Pack Keep the party going all night long with the Disco Personalization Pack. Tear it up on the dance floor or in the Virtual Lobby with an animated, disco ball-themed weapon camo, three groovy reticles, a calling card, and an emblem item. Jackpot Personalization Pack Hit the big time with the Jackpot Personalization Pack.

    Show your luck with an animated jackpot themed weapon camo, three prized reticles, a calling card, and an emblem item. X-Ray Personalization Pack It’s what’s on the inside that counts with the X-Ray Personalization Pack. Get on a higher wavelength with an animated, translucent weapon camo, three X-Ray themed reticles, a calling card, and an emblem item.Digital Pro Edition The Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Digital Pro Edition features all the digital content you need to prepare you for a new era of combat.Contents Include Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Full Game Download Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass: Get four action-packed DLC Map Packs*, each delivering a collection of innovative Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer content and more.

    Atlas Gorge Bonus Multiplayer Map The Atlas Digital Content Pack, featuring two bonus weapons (the BAL-27 AE Assault Rifle and Atlas 45 AE Pistol), a custom Atlas Exoskeleton, Helmet and Player Card, 5 Bonus Supply Drops to unlock a variety of in-game content, and a Single Player Exoskeleton Upgrade Token. Two bonus weapons: AK-12G Assault Rifle and CROSSBOW-B2 Advanced Arsenal: Bullet Brass Exoskeleton and EM1 Quantum directed energy weapon All digital purchases of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare include the bonus Digital Edition Personalization Pack with a custom weapon camo, reticle set and playercard. *DLC content in the Season Pass may be sold separately. Content available in 2015, following the game’s launch on 11/04/14. If you purchase the Season Pass or the Collector’s Edition with the Season Pass, do not also purchase the standalone map packs, as you will be charged for them.

    Season Pass and DLC content may not be available on all platforms or in all territories. Pricing and release dates may vary by platform. About the GameCall of Duty®: Advanced Warfare, developed by Sledgehammer Games (co-developers of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3), harnesses the first three-year, all next-gen development cycle in franchise history. Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare envisions a powerful future, where both technology and tactics have evolved to usher in a new era of combat for the franchise. Delivering a stunning performance, Academy Award® winning actor Kevin Spacey stars as Jonathan Irons - one of the most powerful men in the world - shaping this chilling vision of the future of war.

    All digital purchases of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare include the bonus Digital Edition Personalization Pack with a custom weapon camo, reticle set and playercard. Power Changes Everything.An Advanced World Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare takes place in a plausible future in which technological progress and today’s military practices have converged with powerful consequences. In this carefully researched and crafted vision, Private Military Corporations (PMCs) have become the dominant armed forces for countless nations outsourcing their military needs, redrawing borders and rewriting the rules of war. And Jonathan Irons, the founder and president of the world’s largest PMC - Atlas Corporation - is at the center of it all.

    An Advanced Soldier Powerful exoskeletons evolve every aspect of a soldier’s battle readiness, enabling combatants to deploy with an advanced lethality and eliminating the need for specialization. The introduction of this gameplay mechanic delivers enhanced player movement and verticality through boost jumps and grappling, covert cloaking abilities, and biomechanics that provide unparalleled strength, awareness, endurance, and speed. With the advent of the exoskeleton and newly advanced armor and weaponry, every soldier commands tactical freedom in any terrain unlike ever before, fundamentally changing the way gamers play Call of Duty across all modes. An Advanced Arsenal Harnessing the power of next-gen platforms, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare introduces a new hi-tech, advanced arsenal and ability set, arming players with all-new equipment, technology, perks, and vehicles like hoverbikes and highly specialized drones. Players can also choose between standard ammunition and an all-new class of directed-energy weaponry that enables totally new gameplay dynamics.

    And with exoskeletons delivering a massive force multiplier and unprecedented tactical freedom, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare evolves every firefight..

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare System Specifications

    Windows Specs


  • OS: Windows 7 64-Bit / Windows 8 64-Bit / Windows 8.1 64-Bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.30GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 760 @ 4GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 55 GB available space
  • Sound Card: 100% DirectX 9.0c Compatible 16-bit
  • Additional Notes: Field of View ranges from 65°-90°.
  • Minimum:

  • OS: Windows 7 64-Bit / Windows 8 64-Bit / Windows 8.1 64-Bit
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-530 @ 2.93 GHz / AMD Phenom™ II X4 810 @ 2.60 GHz
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTS 450 @ 1GB / ATI® Radeon™ HD 5870 @ 1GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 55 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • Additional Notes: Field of View ranges from 65°-90°.
  • © 2014 Activision Publishing, Inc. ACTIVISION, CALL OF DUTY, and CALL OF DUTY ADVANCED WARFARE are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc.

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