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Frequently Asked Questions

Many common questions have been answered on this page - however, if we have missed something, please do get in touch.

How long does it take after purchasing to receive my digital serial key?
Where do you get your Serial Keys? Are they genuine?

Yes, all serial keys are genuine. We distribute CD keys are sourced from over unique 300 suppliers which have passed verification and screening processes.

I am a publisher or developer. Can you help distribute my game?

We can! We have established direct and flexible relationships with a variety of publishers and distributors in an effort to reduce the cost to the end-user. Feel free to contact us directly, or to send us your latest media kit.

Do you have ______? Can you get it?

Our stock is updated in real-time, based on anticipated demands. If you are looking for something specific which is not available on, please do let us know.

Are your CD keys locked to a specific region?

Almost all of our inventory is available for WORLDWIDE usage. Any title which is applicable to a specific region(s) only, will be marked: While on the product page, and during the checkout process, repeated warnings of a region-locked product aving been selected will be displayed. If you reside within the allowed regions for the product, you are welcomed to continue with the checkout process.

Do you sell physical products?

No. All items listed are digital serial keys only. Upon purchase, you will receive a genuine serial key - to be redeemed in the appropriate manner.

Do you offer partnerships or provide an affiliate program?

Yes - you can learn more about our affiliate program, and read the FAQ here.

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